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Anyone interested in a first-hand look at our programs is welcome to try two classes on us. All classes are age-appropriate and comprise both novice and veteran martial artists. No experience or uniform is required. Contact us today and set up the best training opportunity for you.


Karate (Empty/Hand) is a form of martial arts indigenous to the islands of Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa spawned a form of self-defense using all parts of the body (e.g. hands, feet, knees and elbows). Eventually, it systematized into an art encompassing warm-up exercises, striking arts, grappling movements, two-person drills, forms, weight training and body conditioning to name a few.

Blue Dragon Martial Arts focuses on Goju-Ryu Karate, one of the original styles of Karate. While training in Okinawa, Sensei Allain studied with the system’s primary teacher, Dai-Sensei Meitoku Yagi (1912-2003), and was directed by Sensei Yagi to open a school to share the teachings of Meibukan.

Self Defense · Self Confidence · Self Control · Fun to Learn


Designed to improve mental and physical fitness, these challenging and diverse body weight exercise sessions comprised of warm-ups, skills training, workouts and stretching help students maximize their physical capabilities. Students are always reminded to work at a level appropriate to their own ability at all times.

Cardiovascular & Anaerobic Health · Weight Loss · Strength Development · Heightened Reflexes

Self Defense

Our self defense course has evolved from Sensei Allain’s experience and research both as a police officer and martial artist. This part of our program is an important adjunct to Karate as it allows students to immediately access tools necessary for self-defense. It provides an easy-to-learn and systematic approach that should not change over a student’s lifetime. It is complete with theories about mental, physical and emotional defense. All age-appropriate sessions allow students a certain amount of critical confidence when faced with a threatening situation.