Adult Training

Become Engaged in Empowerment: Health & Safety – Friendship – Challenge

If you want a healthy lifestyle that includes more than regular trips to the gym, try a different kind of training that teaches self-discipline through a challenging fitness program with modern self defense and ancient martial arts. All ages welcome.

Our adult classes include students who range in age, and in martial arts experience from white belt to black. This creates a comfortable, supportive and cooperative training environment for adults looking for the unique benefits of the martial arts. Training can be modified to respect any physical challenges adults face.

Each class starts and ends with an effective warm-up using body weight training. In addition to our twice-weekly evening classes that focus on developing self-defense skills and goju-ryu karate, our senior students also have the option of coming together Saturday morning for an advanced Karate training session.

Blue Dragon Martial Arts is a multi-generational school. Many adults begin training here and then enroll their family members. More often, adults bring their kids to lessons and then decide to join themselves.