Our Directive: Confidence, Fitness, Control

True confidence and self-discipline is developed by overcoming challenges and feeling a sense of having worked hard to achieve a goal. Our program is designed to help students achieve their best.

We do not teach dangerous skills to irresponsible people.

When students are graded, they are not only asked to show their best Karate skills; their responsibility over the previous semester is also considered. Have they shown up regularly, on time and in proper attire? Have they paid attention and tried their best in class? Have they participated appropriately in classroom set-up and clean-up as part of the dojo team?

We are interested in developing better people, not better fighters.  Parents are welcome to stay to watch their pre-teen’s training sessions.

“When faced with the threat of an attack, I will do what I can to avoid the confrontation — with the least amount of violence to myself and my attacker.”
~ Tony Blauer, S.P.E.A.R program founder