A Strong Start – Building Confidence, Strength, and Friendships 

Designed in cooperation with doctors and child psychologists, our tots program delivers structured and active playtime providing an opportunity to learn, make friends and set the groundwork for further skills development.

Our Little Dragons join together to learn self-control, discipline and build attention skills in a fun environment where they are directed to run, shout and move with purpose. At this level, grading isn’t as important as coordination, concentration and cooperation, but the foundation of our martial art is being solidified.

Now well in its second decade of operation, our dojo (school) has senior black belts who started with us as tots. Today’s Little Dragons are taking their first steps on an enjoyable, valuable and shared journey.

We combine newcomers with experienced martial artists of the same age in one class to enable strong and positive peer-to-peer role modeling. Parents are encouraged to watch their children’s classes.