Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem.  We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

What do you teach here?

We teach three ongoing courses here: A fitness program, a modern self-defense program, complete with
standing, ground, common attacks and edged weapon defense and Karate, a martial art hundreds of years old.
(For more information, please read the “Instructor and Curriculum” handout contained in this portfolio).

Does your program run all year long?

Our program is 10 months long. We take a break at the end of June. Regular classes resume the
following September. Our school follows the schedule of the largest local school board (the SCDSB)
and is closed the same days it is, including statutory holidays, Christmas and March Break.

My child/children are in other sports. What can we do about attendance?

We encourage all activities for students; cross-fitness participation is one of our values. We set an
attendance policy that makes it fair for all participating. Any missed classes can be made up in a
variety of ways. Minimum 85% attendance is mandatory for all stripe tests and belt examinations.
(Example: 85% = 7 out of 8 classes in a month, or 30 out of 34 classes in a five-month semester.)
A missed class can be made up by: Attending a class prior to, as well as, your own, completing a
senior class, after your regular session, or attending one class at our other location.

What happens in the summer time?

As the summer approaches, we transition to outdoor classes, shorten the school’s hours of operation,
and put-forth a summer attendance policy that allows everybody to enjoy fresh air-activities.

The months of May and June will see the start of our summer schedule which is designed to
support all the summer activities we love, like soccer, baseball, swimming, football, rugby.

We “relax” our attendance policy to allow students to attend only once a week if necessary, and
take part in one or two classes. Many students take a class at our other location, or to take classes
in advance. Summer hours begin in June when we start our outdoor sessions.

Why are there 12 payments? Is that the only option?

Your annual fee is set for a 10-month program and then divided over 12 months.
Our payment system is designed for consistency and convenience.
You may also choose the option to pay for classes in full at the start of the season.

We are going away on holidays. What about attendance?

Our program offers two locations on different nights. You can adjust your schedule accordingly,
and/or make up classes as described above.

Do students take part in tournaments?

This school teaches a program of martial arts based on self defense, not a sport model. The tools needed are dramatically different for the two arenas. Focusing on one area makes the student more competent if the need arises. This concept rises out of your teachers experience as a police officer.

Do you teach MMA here?

Since we teach more than one martial art, the answer is yes, we do teach MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) which includes a component of ground fighting for self-defense. As mentioned however, our program does not prepare sport fighters for the octagon, but rather for the realities of personal defense.

Meditation doesn’t fit well with our beliefs. Why do you do it and do students have to partake?

No student has to do something they don’t want to do. Our practice of “meditation” is implemented to
provide students with a means of grounding themselves in an upsetting situation. It is a self-discipline
tool rather than a religious exercise.

Can I still get in contact with someone for inquiries during the CLOSED months?

Yes, absolutely.  You can contact us anytime, we are always ready to answer your questions!