Registration & Fees

Our school’s introduction program takes into account not only the student’s fit within the school, but also the school’s curriculum and instructor’s capabilities. It gives parents and potential students a chance to see if our schedule fits into their busy lives.

We follow the school board calendar, classes start in September and end in June when we take our summer break.
Best times to try us out are during September, the second week of January (Friends and Family week) and the beginning of February. 

STEP 1: (1 WEEK)

Two complimentary classes are offered, as well as the help of a senior student who accompanies you and helps you and/or your child integrate your first-time experience with us, and helps to make it enjoyable.

NOTE: Wear loose-fitting clothes. Please remember, no shoes or socks are worn at our school. Listen carefully and enjoy.


Following Step 1, you can choose to participate for one month for a one-time fee (separate from the annual tuition) of $60.00 and filling in a registration form. During this month, you will receive a uniform and will be assigned the help of an Assistant Instructor who will mentor you during your first steps in martial arts with hints and tips. Over this time period, the student and the teacher are being evaluated for compatibility and commitment.


Registration to the program is next and that is accomplished by making arrangement for the payments.

  • The tuition (in full or in monthly withdrawals)
  • A one-time Enrollment/Administration fee of $100.00
  • The tuition is non-refundable following the initial 30-day trial period


Tots and Juniors (5-9 years)

$826.00 + HST $107.38 = $933.38 (monthly $77.78)

Intermediates and Seniors (10 and up)

$956.00 + HST $124.28 = $1080.28 (monthly $90.02)

Belt Tests: $40.00 per belt test for colour (Kyu) belts (twice a year)


Payment Options

  • Payments can be in any form, including cash, a cheque or E-Transfer.
  • Tuition is divided over a 12-month or can be paid in full.
  • We request a 30 day notice prior to cancelling your account with us.
  • Tuition is based on class level and not calculated by the students age.